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There is an important key that Jesus talks about many times. In the bible there are over  500 scriptures about our responsibilities as disciples of Jesus to take care of these vulnerable, growing groups. In 1999 I moved to Kosovo where a war had broken out between Serbia and the Albanian Kosovars.  Thousands of innocent men and boys were slaughtered by the Serbian soldiers.

In that time Derek Prince received a revelation about a key for revival and transformation and that was taking care of widows and orphans.

He wrote a small book about it, that was read all over the world. Through Bram Oosterwijk and Ingrid van Diest I travelled to Kosovo for ´de Brug´ and Derek Prince, to live among the widows and orphans and spread the smell of Jesus by practical and spiritual aid. Project Held was born.

Project Held is a part of the House of Heroes church and is widely supported by a couple of hundred donors from all of Holland and beyond. Be a hero and support a child!

Mattheus van der Steen ( founder Project Held)




ll over the world there are still too many children that live below the poverty line. Worldwide, every 6 seconds a child under the age of 5 dies of malnutrition or lack of clean drinking water. The result is often, disease, abuse, child labour, or ending up in prostitution. The children end up in  a hopeless situation that they cannot  get out of on their own.

Project Held is committed to these children! By helping the parents, taking in children without a home, and helping children that are sick. Through sponsoring these children can live in an orphanage. There they are taken care of, there  is plenty of food and clean drinking water and they receive education and the love of Jesus.

Project Held also supports these orphanages to help with specific needs such as wells, book projects or wherever help is needed. Help us put a stop to poverty and stand in the gap for these children. By means of sponsoring you will help your sponsor child with education, and enough food and drinks. Be a hero today and become a sponsor.

Successful and ongoing projects

Together we make a difference!

Micro credit in agriculture South Africa
Food packages for families in Kosovo because of Covid-19
Adjustment project Kenya for safety
Help population of India because of Covid-19

Do you have any further questions

We have listed the frequently asked questions for you:

I would like to do more for Project Held. What can I do?

Project held is supported by sponsors from all over Holland. You can now apply to be a volunteer, or if you would like to share about Project Held in your church or home group, you can send an e-mail to info@projectheld.nl

It is also possible to support Project held with a one-time activity. For instance, there have been schools that organised a charity run or an offertory.
It is important that there are also people that pray for the children in the homes and for the work that we do. If you would like to pray for them and us, we would greatly appreciate that. If you have any questions or ideas, you can contact us at  info@projectheld.nl or by phone: +31 341-424 785

I want to stop my sponsorship. How do I end it?

When you would like to end your sponsorship, you can do this by sending an e-mail to info@projectheld.nl
Please take into account that there is a 2 month notice. We would like to know they reason you want to stop your sponsorship, so that we can see if we need to change our service. Of course you are free to answer and your reason does not influence the settlement of the termination.

What happens to my sponsor child when I stop sponsorship?
The child can stay in the orphanage, but it does mean that there is less support for the orphanage as a whole. Project Held will therefore try to find a different sponsor for the child immediately.

I would like to visit the children´s home of my sponsor child, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. Project Held organises mission trips to different countries. When we go to the children´s home where you support a child, we will notify you, so that you can think about going on this trip with us to your sponsor child. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to info@projectheld.nl

I would like to send a gift to my sponsor child. Is that possib

No, it is not possible to send a gift for a specific child. Generally speaking, the children live in children´s villages and children´s homes. Receiving a gift can cause jealousy and comparisons and this can damage the children.

Also, sending a gift can cause problems with customs. Letters with gifts can be taken out and the letter and the gift will then not arrive at your sponsor child. Gifts also have high  import duties, so that we will have to pay more import duties.

An exception to this rule is sending cards, sticker sheets and pictures specifically for you sponsor child. Please write down the name and sponsor number of you sponsor child on the sheets/ pictures. It is possible to give to all the children in a children´s home. For instance, you can donate school supplies or a feast, if you want to children to share in your party. We do advice to do this by making a donation, so that the supplies can be bought locally. This will help the local economy and is cheaper. If you would like to know what the specific options are, please contact us at info@projectheld.nl

In what language can I write to my sponsor child?

You should write your letter in English. The letter will then be translated into the local language or dialect by the local care takers of the home.

When you do not speak English and don´t know anyone that can translate the letter for you, project Held can provide a translation. Please let us know by phone or e-mail.

I would like to send a letter to my sponsor child, when should you have it?

Mail from Holland to the orphanage is collected at our office and sent at least twice a year. When a trip to a children´s home has been planned, the team will take the mail. Your mail has to be at the office at least 1 week before we leave. If your letter arrives later than a week before the trip, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to take it. We will inform the sponsors when a trip has been planned.
If you would like to know when the mail will be sent to the children´s home of your sponsor child, please send an e-mail to info@projectheld.nl

My bank account number or other information has changed. How can I notify you?

The best way is to send an e-mail to info@projectheld.nl  with your old and new information, citing your sponsor number and name.

How does Project Held take on a project?


There is a lot of poverty and need in this world, that nobody can fully solve. But everyone can do his or her part and take responsibility in this world. The children´s homes that Project Held takes on are local children´s homes whose leaders we personally know. Besides that, the homes are also in line with our Christian foundation. A child however will never be forced to become a Christian and will never be treated differently because of religion. Before we take on a project, we put a lot of time and energy into research.


If possible, we first visit a new contact or project in order to investigate the project.
During this visit we will check if the project is reliable and if the contact is suitable to perform his or her duties properly. We also look at whether or not the children  meet the criteria of our policy (no older than 19, orphan/ half orphan, at school) and if the place that the children are staying in is acceptable. If this is not the case, we will discuss possible adjustments, possibly in co-operation with Project Held.

It is also possible that the first contact from the project is from Holland or is in Holland. Then we will plan different meetings from Holland to investigate the project the best we can. If there are several references, these will also be invited for a conversation. Investigating a new project will be done as thoroughly as possible and can take up to 6 months.
When everything is checked, we will start preparations for the start of the sponsorship. Different forms will be filled out and background information on all the children will be collected. This information will be processed into a database and then we can make the child folders and start looking for sponsors.

How long does sponsorship last?

They child can come into the sponsorship program till he or she is 18 years old. He or she will be supported up and till secondary school. Many children are then capable of finding a job and provide for themselves. The sponsorship ends when the child no longer lives within the project and can provide for him- or her-self. Some children go on to university after secondary school; we have a special student sponsorship program. You can read more about that below here.

You will be notified when your sponsorship of your sponsor child ends. We will then ask you to continue sponsoring a different child if you would like to. If your sponsor child turned 18, you will get an extra update with the progress in school and his or her plans for the future.

Of course it is also possible that the sponsorship ends early because the child can go back to family or a parent. Of course we will then notify you. It sometimes happens that sponsorship continues, after consulting with the sponsor. For instance to pay for medication of the provide in special needs. Of course this will always after consulting with the sponsor first.

My sponsor child is now an adult. What happens to him or her?

Your sponsor child has completed his or her school, has found a job and is capable of taking care of him- or her-self. Often we will, together with the leadership of the children’s home,  look for a suitable place to live outside of the orphanage so that he or she can continue to develop as an adult.
In some cases the children are older than 18 because in reality, some children only go to school when they are older:
It is also possible that your sponsor child will be hired by the children´s home and  will continue to live and work there.
It is also possible that your sponsor child is a very good student and is accepted to a university. In consultation with the leadership of the home, he or she can be accepted to the student sponsoring program. This is a different program than the regular child sponsoring. Your sponsoring will therefore end and will not automatically be changed into a student sponsoring. Of course you will be notified of this and you will have the opportunity to sponsor your sponsor child in the student sponsoring program or to sponsor a different child.

Our team

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  • House of Heroes
    House of Heroes Church
  • Mattheus van der Steen
    Mattheus van der Steen Founder
  • Paulina Zoetebier
    Paulina Zoetebier Ambassador
  • Tine Buis
    Tine Buis Head of department
  • Viviane van der Bijl
    Viviane van der Bijl Financial worker

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