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Our vision is to help as many children as possible out of poverty and despair. One by one we help them to look at their future and the possibilities they have. But we cannot do that alone! Help build a new generation without poverty!

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today is the day when you can save a life

Project Held offers children …

Food and clothing

Your sponsor child will get what every child needs to grow up healthy and build up his/her natural defences, a meal three times a day, and clothing for home and school.


Children supported by Project Held go to school so they can read and write and work on what they always wanted to become and use the gifts God has given them for a hopeful future!


Most of the children supported by Project Held cannot live at home anymore because of extreme poverty, danger or because they were abandoned. Because of the support from Project Held they now live with other children, and they can help and encourage each other. Together they are one big family.

Medical care

Children supported by project Held receive medical care and when needed, the proper medication.

What others say…

  • Caring for orphan and widows and poor is no rule or a must - it's a lifestyle that Jesus lived we want to walk in His footsteps.

    Mattheus van der Steen