travel report Uganda

Last October we went to Uganda with a team of 10 people. What a great trip we had, we are still deeply impressed by this trip. We can say that it has been a life-changing journey for all of us!
The first week we spent in the children’s home of Iris Ministries in Luwero, Uganda. These children come from South Sudan but had fled to Uganda because of the war. This took place two years ago, now they live in Uganda. We had a wonderful time with the children and had time to get to know them all. We played with them, laughed, talked, did crafts and we were helping the children with fetching water. We also enjoyed a wonderful praise evening in the open air with them.
Within our team there were a number of sponsors who could meet their sponsored child and hold them in their arms, which was really an emotional moment.

On Saturday we wanted to give the children a great day by organizing a party. We spoiled the children with balls, balloons, lollipops, cookies, chicken, marshmallows etc. It was truly a big party! We have brought a real camel to the children’s home where the children were all allowed to take a ride on the camel’s back. On Sunday we organized a children’s service with our team and prayed with all children and the children prayed for our team, what a wonderful moment! Unfortunately, the day came when we had to say goodbye to the children and many tears flowed. Despite the fact that it was difficult to say goodbye, it was great to see that both the children and the sponsors were determined to send many letters to each other, how beautiful is that!

The second week we spent in Gulu, in the north of Uganda. In this area the LRA has been very active and that has left its mark. In Gulu a evangelistic campaign was organized by Words of Faith Ministries, in which our team was able to help. We advertised the campaign by driving a sound car through the busy streets of Gulu and distributing flyers. What a hunger and openness there was among the people, the harvest was really ripe!
For five evenings we went to the campaign field where thousands of people gathered to dance, worship and listen to God’s word. Many have been saved, healed and set free, it was a privilege to serve and pray for all those beautiful people and to love them.
One day we visited two villages where a large number of orphans were taken care of by a grandfather, grandmother, aunt or neighbor. We heard many horrible stories about what the LRA has done there, which caused many children to become orphaned. We, as Project Held, are going to do our best do help these children.
With the team we went on a safari for one day and were able to enjoy the beautiful African nature with its beautiful and impressive animals.
All in all it was a trip never to be forgotten!