Join us on a journey with Project Held and meet your sponsor child!


f you join a Project Held trip you will never be the same again! During the trips we visit your sponsor child, the environment where they live and the culture in which they live. You will be touched by their situation and moved for the people.

In addition to visiting the children there is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone by praying with the people, teaching and using your gifts and talents.

Of course, it depends on which country the trip goes, but encouraging, giving love, bringing joy and joy are central to the program.

It is so encouraging for the children, housemothers, project leaders and everyone we visit when we come across that life has changed and is incredibly encouraging!

During the trips, time for relaxation is also discussed. Discovering the country and culture. There will also always be a day with a tourist trip.

Below a number of testimonials after visiting the project with a team:

NAYAK MEETS HER SPONSOR – At Sideras Children Home it was a special time for Saini Nayak because she met the one who always knew only paper and ink. Because of the visit of Saini’s sponsor, even other children were encouraged and felt the love for parenting and felt the deep concern about that actual presence. Saini undoubtedly wants to do 10 times better in everything she does through that one visit.
SAM FOUND NEW PARENTS – Sam Samuel of Leprosy Home, a boy who lost his parents, was blessed with sponsorship from one of the team members. We are grateful for how God opened the doors to his future and that faith was now a fact. Sam has now become stronger in his faith by seeing things happening before his eyes.
SAHGUN BANTI DAHIMA, from Safe Haven Home Neemuch, was materially blessed and it was simply unbelievable for her to think and know that someone could come over so far to come to her and bless her and her family! She was so happy; no words to explain that you can see and understand her!
At TEJAJI NAGAR SLUM the team met this community. The residents of the slums were amazed by the warm and friendly attitude of the team. Some people in the slum are sellers of fine jewelry, they are so happy to sell a few items to the team.
The team even prayed for a few people who were ill and had problems. The community people still talk a lot about the generosity and kindness of the team. It was so happy to receive the team because their presence gave hope to those who felt tired and confused. There is much more to mention, but sometimes things are not easy to say. It was not something that we can tell you, but we just feel it in our hearts and want to thank you for thinking about us and coming to us. We pray that the Lord God bless and multiply you and the works of your hands for all that you have done for us. We hope the team will come to visit us again. We look forward to welcoming the Project Held Group. God bless you.