Travel with Project Held to Mozambique and South Africa


In the year 2021, Project Held is organizing a trip to Mozambique / South Africa.

We will make a trip to both countries! We will spend the first days of the trip in South Africa. The project in Z-A that we are going to visit is around the Tzaneen area. This is more than 5 hours from Johannesburg.

Tshega Christian Mission was founded in August 2006 by Ellanie van Rooyen and located in the province of Limpopo, near the town of Tzaneen. Ellanie worked at a school that was in danger of being closed and the children would end up on the street. Ellianie then took care of the children and began teaching them under a tree. This resulted in the Lighthouse Academy school. The school officially opened its doors in 2009. In the meantime this is a recognized school and in addition the foundation has several other projects that help the people in the area. A feeding program (of which the sponsored children are a part), for non-educated women, they help with manual labor courses and a project in which they distribute clothing and school uniforms to the very poorest children. The difference between rich and poor is very large in South Africa. As a result, children and young people often get out of boredom and hopelessness on the criminal path, often getting into drugs. Bringing together young people is a good opportunity to tell them about God and show His love. That is why the gospel is central to all the help they offer. After visiting these projects, bringing the gospel and helping where needed, we will continue this journey to Mozambique.

As it looks now, we will cross the border by land to Mozambique. Because of this you see many of these two countries, the differences and cultures.

The project in Mozambique is part of Iris Ministries. The project is called Projecto Rafael and is run by the Dutch Corrie Ockhuysen. It is an orphanage in Matola Rio, a little outside the built-up area. There are currently around 50 children living there, most of whom suffer from the AIDS disease. The age varies from 1 to more than 18 years. Dutch Corrie Ockhuysen founded this house in November 2005 with the vision to help children with AIDS, or children who have lost their parents to AIDS. An attempt is made to preserve the family atmosphere, even if the work is to expand. In addition to working with the orphans, they also organize evangelistic activities for the children in the neighborhood and hold church services.

During this trip we will visit one of the national parks that South Africa has to offer for relaxation.

What can you expect during this trip:

• Exploring the countries of South Africa and Mozambique. Because we will be active in both countries, we can get a good impression of these countries.
• Visit to Tshega and Iris Ministries where we will provide practical help and have a wonderful time with the children including swinging worship evening.
• If you sponsor a child at Iris Ministries or Tshega you can meet your sponsor child.
• Attend and participate in all activities that take place.
• Flight is included.
• We travel with a rented bus.
• All overnight stays in good quality guesthouses or dorms are included.
• You will receive a meal 3 times a day.
• Vials of drinking water will be available throughout the journey.
• Travel guide included.
• Including excursion in nature.

Travel sum:

The total travel sum is still unknown. (As soon as we have a view of it, we will announce it here.)
This includes flight ticket, transportation, excursion, food, drinks, guesthouse.

We will hold an information evening for interested parties. (so if you want information, we advise you to email us via

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