A trip you won´t forget!


enya is a beautiful country with lots of flora and fauna but also a lot of poverty among the population.

Project Held is organizing a trip to this beautiful country from 18 to 30 August 2019.

During this trip we will visit two projects of Project Held. The first half of the trip we will stay in the neighborhood of Kitale, located in the West of Kenya. The transportation from Nairobi will be by bus, so you will see much of the natural beauty of Kenya. The first project we visit is from Youth Apart and was founded years ago by Daniel and Marlies Hoogteijling. At the moment it is completely run by local people. During these days we will provide practical assistance and spend time with the children. We will also visit the area and bring the gospel to the people in the neighborhood, visit churches and meet the needs of the people by bringing food, drinks or medicines. Furthermore, we will join the team by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Between the two projects we will make a flight to Nairobi and then fly to Mombasa. Mombasa is located in the southeast of Kenya. There we will visit Hope4Hope, a project led by Reginold Okhiambo. Hope4Hope is officially started in 2010 for children of the village of Likoni. Because of poverty the children could not go to school and had to work in the stone mines. Reginold started a football project to give the children a goal. At the moment this has been extended with a school project, a food project, a dance and music project, a children’s center and a youth center. Here too, we will actively participate in the project, help the children, support them and play with them. Also provide help in the neighborhood where necessary. If it goes well, we will take the children to sea for a day, since this project is on the Indian Ocean. A great opportunity.

In short, this is an unforgettable journey where you can abundantly bless the people, children and project leaders. A real trip never to be forgotten!

What can you expect during this 13 day trip:

  • Exploring the country of Kenya. Because we will stay in both the West and Southeast it is possible to receive a good impression of this beautiful country.
  • Visit your sponsorchild. Visit two very beautiful projects that offer the children in Kenya hope and a way out of poverty.
  • During the trip there is an opportunity to experience the culture and customs.
  • At the projects we are transported by bus to places in the area, this is included with the price.
  • You get overnight stays in local houses or guesthouses, three meals a day and bottled water (except on arrival and departure day).
  • All nights in local houses or guesthouses are included.
  • Travel guide included.
  • The mainly spoken language is English. If that is a problem, translators will join.

Travel cost:

The total travel cost is € 1895,-

This includes air tickets, transport, excursion, food, drinks and overnight stays.

There will be an evening with more information, if you are interested in this evening and before the trip, you can mail to info@projectheld.nl. You will then receive an invitation mail.

Registration for this trip is possible from 1 March 2019 until 1 June 2019.