Come travel with Project Held and meet your sponsor child!


country with beautiful nature, but also intense poverty. Talking about India. Millions of children in India live in great poverty and cannot go to school. The children that live in Project Held projects don´t have a father or mother, or were living in extreme poverty. Because of this the chance that they would end up in child trafficking was very high. Poverty has destroyed their families or has caused their parents to be unable to take care of them.


The children are taken in  an orphanage. They receive the proper care and their daily needs are met and they receive an education so that they can become independent individuals and can dream about their future instead of worrying about if they will make it to the next day. .

For a few days you will be a part of their lives and you will be able to encourage the children and do fun stuff with them. You will see with your own eyes what a difference you make as a sponsor. Even if you do not sponsor a child, this will be a trip that will forever change you and touch your heart for the orphans and widow.

We will visit different projects, smaller and bigger projects, we will go to children from the leprosy colony, children that were saved from prostitution, children that come from extreme poverty and were roaming the streets. You will see the situation that the children were living in, but also how they are doing now. You will also see the chance that the children were given by being a party of this ´new´ family, because that is what it feels like, as their brothers and sisters.

With your own eyes you will see what a difference it makes in the life of a child to be a part of these projects and to be able to build his/her future and what the love of God means in their lives.

The trip is scheduled from 10 till 25 January 2018.
The costs for this all-inclusive trip are € 2250,-

What can you expect during this 16 day trip:

  • Exploring India. Because we will be in the middle as well as the south of India, you will see different parts of India.
  • Visiting 3 Project Held projects in India, in Indore, Bhimavaram and Tenali.
  • These 3 projects also have different locations. We will visit these also to encourage the children, hear testimonies and do fun things with the children.
  • If you are a sponsor of a child in one of these 3 project, you can meet your sponsor child. (please let us know when you register)
  • Included are all the flights, also the domestic flights from Indore to Vijvawada from New Delhi.
  • We will also travel by a rented bus.
  • All the hotel stays in proper hotels are included.
  • You will have a meal 3 times a day, except for the day of departure and arrival.
  • There will be bottles of water available during the entire trip.
  • Travel guide included, Dutch and local.

A cultural trip is included.

The first information night about this trip will be Tuesday night June 20 2017. 

Berencamperweg 10 3861 Mc Nijkerk
Walk in 19.30, start 20.00.
You can register for this night by sending an e-mail to