Take a trip with Project Held and meet your sponsored child!


we will make a trip to India. A country with beautiful nature, but also intense poverty.

Millions of children in India live in great poverty and cannot go to school. The children in the Project Held projects no longer have a father or mother or lived in extreme poverty. This increases the chance that they will end up in child trafficking or prostitution. Poverty has destroyed families or has prevented the parents from taking care of the children.

The children are looked after in a children’s home / center. They receive the necessary care there, they are provided with their daily needs and receive education so that they can become an independent individual and dream about their future instead of worrying about whether they will save the next day.

You will be part of their life for a few days in which you can encourage the children and do fun things with them. You see with your own eyes what a difference you make as a sponsor for these children. Even if you do not sponsor a child, this will be a journey that will change you forever and touch your heart for the orphans and widows.

We are going to visit various projects, some smaller and larger projects. we go to children from the Leprosy colony, children who have been saved from prostitution, children who come from extreme poverty and roam the streets. You come face to face with the situation in which the children have lived, but also with how they are doing now. You also see the opportunity that the children have been given by being part of this “new” family, because that’s how they feel, like their brothers and sisters.

You see with your own eyes what a difference it makes in a child’s life to be part of these projects and to be able to build on his / her future and what the love of God means in their lives.

The trip is planned for January 2021. (exact date will follow). The cost to participate in this fully arranged trip is not yet known. (for interest you can mail you will hear as soon as this is known.)

What can you expect during this trip:

  • Exploring the country of India. You will be in different areas of India.
  • Visit to various projects in India from Project Held.
  • These projects also have multiple locations. We will also visit them to encourage the children, hear testimonies and do fun things together with the children.
  • If you sponsor a child yourself in one of these projects, you can meet your sponsor child (please specify this when you sign in).
  • All necessary flights are included, including the domestic ones.
  • We travel with rented bus and regular driver.
  • All overnight stays in good quality hotels are included.
  • You get a meal three times a day. With the exception of departure and arrival day.
  • Bottles of drinking water will be available during the entire trip.
  • Travel guide included, both Dutch and local.
  • Including Cultural getaway.