Special reunification between mother and child

Children who are supported by project Held all have a special past. Take for example the story of Argentina. 8 years ago she came to the home where she is supported through Project Held.

Argentina was found along the way and did not know anything about her background or family. For 8 years there has been searched, prayed and tried through all kinds of ways to find her family. Meanwhile, Argentina is adopted by the project, went to school, went to church and grew up to be a happy teenager.

Now after 8 years of praying, searching and persevering, she has finally found her mother, far away in the middle of an unknown secluded neighborhood about 300 kilometers from the project. See the first meeting below and see God’s heart for these children and answer in prayers. We thank God for this reunification of Argentina with her family.

See here the link where you can observe the reunification and see the emotions from both sides. A prayer from both sides has been answered!