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Together we can make a difference
today and tomorrow

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What we do with your donations

With your donations, you contribute to a better living environment for the children of the children’s homes. Besides that, Project Held has several ongoing projects, where we also help with other things associated with the project, for instance wells, costumes for children that go to school, extra construction for taking in more children and nice spacious places to sleep etc.

If you would rather make a donation to the project of your sponsor child or with a different reason, please let us know with your authorization.

ZCCT- Thailand : thanks to extra donations we were able to have internet installed in our home. Now the girls don’t have to go to the city anymore to do their homework, but they can now do this safely in their own home. And so they are also able to help each other. Without the extra help, this would not have been possible.

Your help is very much needed today

Help us safe the lives of many children.

Donations can be made through Ideal.
We use Doneer Meer.

You can be a hero
and save a child!

Make the difference in the life of a child today!

And become a sponsor for no more than € 1,00 a day and give hope to a child.