2nd report Kosovo trip

On Wednesday, as a team, we welcomed almost all the children we support from Project Held to our guesthouse. In the morning we got groceries in groups and then prepared a delicious meal for our 35 guests. For the children we had a program with crafts and games outside. We were able to hand out letters from Project Held from the sponsors, wonderful to see how happy they are with them! After dinner we had a special time of worship and prayer in which many healings took place. We have taught the youth to pray for the sick, they have really got out and have seen the miracles happen under their eyes.

There was also an older Muslim man present who thought it was good that we prayed for him, he had many complaints. Yesterday he called us to ask if he could come by again to give his life to Jesus, he still had a little bit of pain that he wanted prayer for. God is good!
On Thursday we went to the town of Klina, the predecessor from Pristina started a second municipality there, this municipality has only a few members. The pastor asked us to go evangelize in Klina and invite the people to the church service. We would begin in the church, (a small upper room) with worship and prayer, then we would take to the streets to evangelize. Eventually things went differently and the upper room was filled with youth, who then called their mother or others to come. We sang wonderfully with each other and then had many conversations with the youth, many gave their lives to Jesus on the spot. We are still impressed …
After this very powerful experience we went to a poor family that comes to the church in Klina, this family came to faith a few weeks ago. Here we have been able to encourage people and pray for them. The son of the early 20s has broken his back during construction work, for him that means no chance of work, no woman and therefore a hopeless future perspective. We prayed for complete recovery in his back. He indicated that the pain was much less. We continue to pray for him until he is fully recovered!

Then we went on to a widow with a daughter living at home, her husband / father died during the war in 1999 and he was never found again. The family has a hard time with this. This family comes from terribly poor circumstances, the children were previously supported by Project Held and together with the help of the Bridge they were able to resume life. She shared her testimony after which we were allowed to pray for her and her daughter. They now live in a beautiful house and daughter is studying English. They cooked a wonderful meal for us, it was a special time.