Newly adopted project Kenya

Project Held also supports the H4H project in Kenya since 1 January 2018. A beautiful project that has a heart for the youth in Kenya:

Hope4Hope vision:

In Mombasa, Kenya, the difference between rich and poor is huge. As a result, all possibilities and opportunities are reserved only for the rich and the poor remain disappointed and hopeless behind. For this reason many young people choose the bad path in the hope of finding a better future.

Our goal is to show the young people that there is hope and that this can be achieved in a positive way. When young people come together in a safe environment, they will be encouraged to be positive. For this it is important that young people are able to use their talents. Young people are the future and we want them to realize how much potential there is. In addition, bringing together young people is a huge opportunity to tell about God and to show them who He is. We know that we can not change the whole world and put an end to suffering, but what we can do with your help is to make a change in the lives of young people in our own environment.

Same of the children of the project