Floods in North India

A few weeks ago, Ramchand was still in the Netherlands and in the service of the House of Heroes. Now he is in his area in northern India to deal with the most serious floods in years! One of his projects supported by Project Held is located in Orissa and is currently severely affected by floods.

The project can still be reasonable against the water but the environment is seriously affected and it does not look better for the coming days. A response from Ramchand himself:

“The recent floods in India (mainly in Bihar, Orissa, Gujarat states and Mumbai) caused so many damages and around 1050 people died so far.
Nogle af vores medarbejdere fra Varanasi by er i Bihar, nu og hjælper de flodoffer. We are also planning to distribute water filters to the flood victims. If God willing we are thinking to buy some water filters from a Dutch company and distribute it. ”

Due to the flood, clean drinking water is even more important than it already was. With a few hundred euros, a pump can already be purchased and the Indian people from these areas have healthy drinking water and will not be ill after losing everything. Because the water takes everything, house, possessions and cattle, which is the only way of income for many!

Help these people by donating a gift so that these people can be helped as quickly as possible!

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floods of India
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