Ramchand from India by Project Held

Ramchand from India by Project Held

Last weekend we had the privilege of having Ramchand Saranu from India in our midst. Ramchand is our contact person for one of the projects in India and currently helps hundreds of children.

Children without home, parents and lived along the street. Ramchand started years ago with a group of children. He could not tolerate his heart to see these children along the streets and offered them shelter. Later he rented a cottage and later a little house, and he helped these children and gave them food, education but above all a family!

As he offered more and more children, he prayed to God. “What should I do, I can not leave children on the street, Lord! But I’ve already given everything I have, I can no longer afford children a home! ”

God spoke to Ramchand and built the faith of Ramchand, Ramchand knew that God would provide for where there is need. Now years later, Ramchand has several homes. Especially for leprosy children, orphan children, disabled people and widows and widowers. These groups are rejected into India and can not go anywhere, but Ramchand,with his team, helps team and gives them what they need!

God provides when you make steps in faith and seek Him!

Ramchand has been in the service of the House of Heroes on Sunday and shared there his walk with God. Ramchand together with his friend and traveling companion Vijay, have also been at Project Held office and had a meeting with Project Held. These moments are very important for building relationships, trust and faith!

Do you also want to meet Ramchand personally and see your self what God does through Ramchand’s work and his team, that is possible! Join ┬áthe trip in January with Project Held and see what God does in India!